Taormina Greek Roman Theater Etna

A taste of all Sicily in one location only

East coast of Sicily, near the Mount Etna, Taormina offers to the visitor high level tourism: art, history and tradition with amazing beaches, restaurants, music and piano bars and unique heritage like

Etna Active Volcano Europe Taormina

Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe

Breathtaking beauty, awesome presence with permanent plumes of smoke from the summit craters, a real nature monument to discover day by day: historic villages. natural pedestrian pathways, ascents by cable

Sicily Alcantara Gorges Natural Attraction

Alcantara Gorges - Nature oasis in the middle of a green valley  

A few kilometers from Taormina the "Alcantara Gorges" is an amazing natural attraction with a canyon featured by an unique morphology with basalt columns of different sizes and

Alcantara Gorges
Striking masterpiece of the nature: a canyon along the river Alcantara... with some misteries about the formation of the gorges... Alcantara is one of the most important rivers in Sicily: with a lenght of 53 km (33 mls) and a spring

From the hot Volcano to the cold River 

Etna the Mongibello

Height of 3350 meters (11.000 ft) above the sea level, basal circumference of 150 km (93 mls), surface of 1250 sq kms (483 sq mls), 4 active summit craters at the top of the mount and

The Volcano and the Road of Etna Wines

Height of 3350 meters (11.000 ft) above the sea level, basal circumference of 150 km (93 mls), surface of 1250 sq kms (483 sq mls), 4 active summit craters at the top of the mount and about 300 extinct side

Siracusa UNESCO Greek Theater Archimedes

The largest ancient Greek town of Sicily and Magna Grecia

UNESCO site since 2002 Siracusa with Ortigia is one of the most interesting touristic towns of Sicily located in the South-East of the Island. Also known as the city of Archimedes, Siracusa

Noto Baroque Cathedral UNESCO

Capital of Sicilian Baroque

UNESCO site since 2002. Noto is an attractive historical town in the South-East of Sicily renowned for the gorgeous Baroque architecture and the typical city style. The origin of the ancient Noto (Neai) date back to

Agrigento Valley Temples Greek Akragas

The ancient Akragas, one of the largest Greek towns

UNESCO heritage since 1997 the Valley of Temples is renowned for history, archeology and nature. The site also offers interesting attractions with beautiful sand beaches, white cliffs and outdoor

Sicily UNESCO Roman Villa Mosaics


Villa Romana del Casale with the mosaics of III century a.D.

UNESCO site since 1997. Villa Romana del Casale is an ancient Roman villa of III-IV century a.D. The original building included 60 rooms among living rooms, event halls, baths

Sicilian Baroque Val-di-Noto Modica Ragusa Scicli

Pearls of the late Baroque architecture in 'Val di Noto'

City of history, churches and... chocolate
Coming to Modica by car along the road 'SS 115' passing on the bridge Guerrieri, a viaduct 134 meters high over the valley in front of the low

Commissario Montalbano Punta-Secca Ragusa Scicli

Discovering the sceneries of "Commissario Montalbano" movies


Punta Secca (Marinella) 

Punta Secca is Marinella, the romantic seaside village where Salvo Montalbano, police commissioner of Vigata, lives and when possible hosts Livia, his eternal

Caltagirone City of Ceramics in Sicily

Capital of Sicilian Art Ceramics

UNESCO site since 2002. Caltagirone is a pretty town in the South-East of Sicily on a hill at 600 mt (1970 ft) of elevation. The name of Arabic origin "Qal'at-al-Jarar" (fortress of the clays) describes the high

Siracusa - The largest ancient Greek City of Sicily and Magna Grecia

UNESCO site since 2002. Siracusa is an historical town in the South-East coast of Sicily renowned for beauty, art, culture and charme. The long history date back over the XV

Villages of history, art, nature and cinema..., in the nearby of Taormina

Savoca is a village on a hill 30 minutes driving from Taormina renowned for some scenes of 'The Godfather', the very famous film of Francis Ford Coppola based on the

Tindari - Montalbano Elicona - Etna Sunset

The Sanctuary of Tindari and the natural reserve of Marinello 

Tindari is a promontory on the North coast of Sicily in the municipality of Patti, town in the province of Messina; just few houses, shops

Agrigento - The Valley of Temples

UNESCO site since 1997. The Valley of the Temples is an important archaeological area located in the middle of the southern coast of Sicily, near the town of Agrigento. Here are the ruins of the ancient Akragas, an

Art of Ceramics and Art of Mosaics

Caltagirone, Capital of Sicilian Ceramics

Caltagirone is a town in the province of Catania located on the Erei mounts at 600 mt (1970 ft) of elevation between the plain of Catania and 
the plain of Gela. The name

Art, history, nature... and amazing landscapes!


Charming location on the East Coast of Sicily in front of the Jonian sea, renowned for the high class tourism, art, history, nature, culture, cinema, cuisine and the unique natural position