Sicily Alcantara Gorges Natural Attraction

Alcantara Gorges - Nature oasis in the middle of a green valley  

A few kilometers from Taormina the "Alcantara Gorges" is an amazing natural attraction with a canyon featured by an unique morphology with basalt columns of different sizes and shapes created by the fluid lava flows of various volcanic eruptions of basaltic magma during thousand years: vertical or "organ pipe", horizontal or "woodpile' and vertical wide or "folding fan", as visible in the picture. The canyon is 3 kms long (1,9 mls), 5-7 meters wide (17-22 ft) with a max height of 30 meters (98 ft) and low level cold water which allows to walk for about 200 meters up to the first waterfall. The origin of the lava flows has been located in some side craters of Etna at low elevation, now extinct for thousand years: Monte Dolce and Monte Mojo. The Alcantara river represents the northern boundary of the volcanic area of Etna and covers a distance of 53 kms (33 mls) before to flow into the Ionian Sea. The hydro-geological area covered by the Alcantara river is a natural park known as "Parco Fluviale dell'Alcantara" (River Park of Alcantara). The Arabic name Alcantara (Al-Qantara) means "the bridge" because of the presence of an ancient Roman bridge over the river during the Arabic domination during the IX-XI century a.D. The Park of Alcantara established in 2001 includes some interesting natural attractions of which "Gole dell'Alcantara" (Alcantara Gorges) is the most important and renowned. Along its paths with a bed of basaltic rocks the Alcantara river creates another attractive area with very small lakes and low elevation waterfalls called "Gurne dell'Alcantara", interesting for natural paths and outdoor activity like body rafting, canoeing and in-water trekking with expert guides and organized groups.


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Alcantara Gorges - 4-5 hours excursion (options and customized itinerary available on demand) 
- Motta Camastra public entrance
- Walking path through the public stairway (220 steps) - option private lift with extra cost
- Walking path inside the river for 200 meters 
- Stay on the river beach and swimming (at your preference)
- Visit to the area of Gurne 

Options available in full day excursion:
A - Alcantara and Etna - wine tasting/lunch in a renowned typical Etna vineyard 
B - T 
C - T
D - H


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