Villages of history, art, nature and cinema..., in the nearby of Taormina

Savoca is a village on a hill 30 minutes driving from Taormina renowned for some scenes of 'The Godfather', the very famous film of Francis Ford Coppola based on the novel of Mario Puzo, where participated very important actors as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duval, the italian actress Simonetta Stefanelli in the role of Apollonia and the sicilian actor Saro Urzi' in her fathers role. The historical 'Bar Vitelli' is famous for the typical traditional sicilian 'Lemon Granita' and the pictures of the film scenes turned in Savoca: the 'thunderbolt' between Michael and Apollonia during a religious procession in a countryside road, the meeting between Michael Corleone and Signor Vitelli - the father of Apollonia - just turned in the same bar, and the cortege in front of San Nicolo' church after the wedding celebration. In front of 'Bar Vitelli' there is a steel statue of Francis Ford Coppola made by the local artist Nino Ucchino. Savoca is very attractive for the position on the hill, the quietness, the beauty of the nature, the view over the Jonian sea and in front of the mainland (Calabria - Italy) and some interesting historical attractions: Cript of Cappuccini with Mummies, Mother Church of XIII century, Churches San Michele and San Nicolo' of XV century, the ruins of Pentefur Castle.

Forza D' Agro'
Forza D'Agro' is village located on a peak 400 meters high in front of the Jonian sea. The distance from Taormina is 20 minutes driving. The position is particularly interesting for the amazing panoramic view over the coast: to the North up to the Strait of Messina and to the South in front of Taormina. Forza D'Agro' has also bee chosen by Francis Ford Coppola for some scenes of 'The Godfather 3' movie. Together with the fantastic view over the coast the village shows some interesting historical attractions: Cathedral Maria Santissima Annunziata of XV century, Church Santissima Trinita' with Augustinian monastry of XV century, Norman Castle on the top of the hill and Norman Fort on Sant'Alessio cape. Light lunch or excellent pizza in 'Antichi Muri' complete the visit to Forza D'Agro'. 




The Godfather tour - half day excursion (options and customized itinerary available on demand) 

- Cript of Cappuccini
- Bar Vitelli with the pictures of the movie
- Church San Michele
- Church San Nicolo'
- Walking tour with view over the Jonian sea and the valley
- Mother Church

Forza D'Agro'
- View over the coast of Jonian sea
- Stair Arco Durazzesco
- Church Santissima Trinita'
- Cathedral Maria Santissima Annunziata
- View of Norman Castle
- View of Norman Fort on Sant'Alessio cape

Casalvecchio Siculo (option on demand)
- Church Santissimi Pietro e Paolo - VI-XII century


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