Tindari - Montalbano Elicona - Etna Sunset

The Sanctuary of Tindari and the natural reserve of Marinello 

Tindari is a promontory on the North coast of Sicily in the municipality of Patti, town in the province of Messina; just few houses, shops, bars and restaurants on the top of Cape of Tindari 260 mt (850 ft) above the sea level. Tindari is mainly known for the magnificent new church "Santuario Madonna Nera di Tindari" dedicated to the Black Virgin Mary of miracles, and the natural reserve of Marinello with the beach and the small lakes in a tongue of sand that creeps into the sea... but there is more! The view over the coast is fantastic and the Eolian Islands, the volcanic "Seven Sisters" to the North of Sicily appear to the horizon like a mirage.


The Archaeological park of Tyndaris 

From the sanctuary square in few minutes walking is possible to visit the archaeological park of Tyndaris, ancient Greek town of IV century b.C. built on the North coast of Sicily as outpost against the Carthaginians. The ruins show clearly the typical Greek town chessboard layout with the view in front of the sea. The remains of some houses still present portion of walls and floorings with mosaics. The presence of the Greek theatre, nowaday used in summer for theatrical performances and open music concerts, witnesses the importance of this ancient town which is well known to visitors and travellers keen of history and archaeology.


The Medieval village of Montalbano Elicona 

Still to the North of Sicily, on the mounts Nebrodi at 920 mt (3020 ft) above the sea level there is Montalbano Elicona, a mountain village in the middle of the natural park of Nebrodi, the second green area of Sicily after Etna. The second name Elicona refers to Greek origin (Helikon), while the first one Montalbano was probably given by the Arabs (latin Mons-mount, and Al-bana-excellent). And really Montalbano is in excellent position: green mounts all around, good fresh water, fertile earth and magnificent view over the Tyrrenian sea and the exotics Aeolian Islands, the "Seven Sisters" of volcanic origin, at the front. The current Medieval layout date back to the XIII century when Montalbano was choosen as summer residence of king Frederic II of Aragon (also called Frederic III of Sicily/Trinacria). And the Frederic's castle with annex museum represents the most important, but not the only one, attractive of the village. Elected the most beautiful old village of Italy in 2015, Montalbano features churches of XVI-XVII century, narrow streets and tiny alleys with beautiful panoramic views over
the Nebrodi forests and the Tyrrenian sea and typical restaurants with local specialities that make the visit an unforgettable experience of the hidden treasures of Sicily.


The Etna North sunset

After Montalbano Elicona, on the way back to Taormina through the Nebrody mounts we reach Randazzo, one of the highest
villages on the Etna territory at 750 mt (2460 ft) above the sea level, to visit the Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta (Basilica Minore), and then the area of "Quota Mille" - Elevation 1000 mt - (3300 ft) to watch the dramatic show of Etna sunset, another striking wonder of nature in Sicily!




Tindari - Montalbano Elicona - Etna sunset tour - full day excursion (options and customized itinerary available on demand)


  • Sanctuary of the Black Virgin Mary
  • View over the natural reserve and the lakes on the beach
  • Archaeological park of Tyndaris

Montalbano Elicona

  • Medieval castle of Frederic II of Aragon
  • Walking tour into the village
  • Visit to monuments and churches
  • Lunch in a typical restaurant/tavern

Etna sunset

  • Visit to the Cathedral of Randazzo of XIII century
  • View of Etna North sunset from "Quota Mille" 



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