The largest ancient Greek city of Sicily and Magna Grecia

UNESCO site since 2002. Siracusa is one of the most important historical towns of Sicily. Located on the South-East side of the island Siracusa is renowned for beauty, art, culture and charm. The long history date back over the XV century b.C. with the ancient Siculi civilization, but is the arrival of the the Corinthians settlers coming from Greece in 733 b.C. that gives birth to one of the greatest cities of the Greek and Roman ancient world. The existing ruins of the ancient Siracusa are today visible in the Archaeological Park of Neapolis and in the area of Castello Eurialo outside of the town. The isle of Ortigia is the historical city center, a real open living museum with narrow streets and alleys of different architectural style and historical periods. Most of the historical buildings have been built after 1693, as consequence of the terrific earthquake in the South-East of Sicily which destroyed almost entirely Ortigia, Siracusa and most of the towns in that area. The isle of Ortigia is full of life, lights, colors, smells, with typical shops, restaurants, taverns, wine bars, street food, traditional pastry shops that make you enjoy the visit. Interesting boat trips along the coast are available for those who want to spend more days in Siracusa. The photographers will enjoy the beauty of architectural corners, buildings, churches, streets, alleys and the awesome views for their pictures.  

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Siracusa city -  full day excursion (options and customized itinerary available on demand)

Walking tour in the Isle of Ortigia, the Heart of Siracusa
- Duomo Santa Lucia
- Church Santa Lucia Badia (Caravaggio painting)
- Fonte Aretusa water spring with papyrus
- Fort Castello Maniace
- Temple of Apollo
- Museum of Puppets
- Restaurants, taverns, bars and pastry shops with typical delicious products.

Walking tour in the Archaeological Park Neapolis (local guide available on demand)
- Greek Theatre (V century b.C.)
- Ear of Dionysius
- Ara (altar) of Ierone II
- Roman Amphitheater

Visit of San Giovanni Catacombs
Underground path along the ancient Greek aqueduct used as shelter and tumbs by the Christians during the persecutions of the Roman Empire in the II-III century a.D.


Price (private customized tour from Taormina): 
- 1-3 people - from 250 Euro

Tickets and food/beverage NOT included

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