Etna Active Volcano Europe Taormina

Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe

Breathtaking beauty, awesome presence with permanent plumes of smoke from the summit craters, a real nature monument to discover day by day: historic villages. natural pedestrian pathways, ascents by cable car, guided excursions on the lava flows to the top of the volcano, helicopter flight tours, vineyards visits and Etna wines tasting experience, typical cuisine, golf experience, full immersion in the nature and in the culture. UNESCO site since 2013, Etna is one of the most active and visited volcanoes in the world. Height 3350 meters (11.000 ft), base perimeter 150 km (93 mls), surface 1250 sq kms (483 sq mls), 4 summit craters permanently active and about 300 extinct side craters scattered all over the surface. The frequent effusive volcanic activity largely predicted is not dangerous but really a point of attraction for all the visitors. Amazing landscapes with strong contrast of colours: luxuriant green vegetation, bushes and forests in between recent black lava flows and craters, to remind we are anyway on an active volcano. Pretty villages with the typical architecture in black lava stones and products of excellence: oranges, lemons, honey, olive oil, grapes, pistachios, chestnuts, hazelnuts, apples, cherries and ... typical DOC Etna wines. If you come to Sicily you can't miss an excursion to Etna!

*** Photography itinerary



Etna South-East - 4-5 hours excursion (options and customized itinerary available on demand)
- Zafferana, typical Etna village @ 600 meters above the sea level
- Honey tasting, product of excellence of Etna
- Lava flow of 1991-93 eruption, @ 700 meters, the largest eruption of XX century
- Big valley "Valle del Bove" with impressive lava flows and vegetation
- Lava tunnel
- Walking on the edge of the extinct "Silvestri" craters @ 2000 meters

*** Sunset excursion available on demand

Options available in full day excursion:
A - Etna & Wine - wine tasting/lunch in a renowned typical Etna vineyard
B - Trekking on the craters @ 3000 metres (eruption of 2002-03)
C - Trekking to the edge of Central summit crater @ 3300 metres
D - Helicopter flight tour all over the volcano and the summit active craters


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