The Valley of Greek Temples

UNESCO site since 1997. The Valley of the Temples is an important archaeological area located in the middle of the southern coast of Sicily, near the town of Agrigento. Here are the ruins of the ancient Akragas, an important town founded by the Greeks in the VI century b.C. Akragas was one of the most important cities of Sicily during the Greek-Carthaginian and the Roman historical period. The Valley of Temples, although big, represents a small area compared to the ancient Akragas which was much bigger and extended all over the hill at the back of the present archaeological park. The most important ruin is the Temple of Concordia, one of the most preserved Greek temple in the World. Walking in the Valley is a journey in the time where we can admire the remains of art and architecural masterpieces of 25 centuries ago. In a full day axcursion is also possible visiting other attractions of this area: Church of San Nicolo', Archaeological Museum and the amazing cliffs of "Scala dei Turchi" (Turkish Stair).

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Agrigento - full day excursion (options and customized itinerary available on demand)

Valley of Temples walking tour (local guide on demand)
- Temple of Era (Giunone Lacinia)
- Temple of Concordia
- Temple of Hercules
- Temple of Castor and Pollux
- Garden of Kolimbetra

Archaeological museum Pietro Griffo
- Telamon Olympeion statue (7,65 m height)
- Remains and findings from Pre-History to the Roman period

Historical attraction
- Medieval Church San Nicolo' of XIII century

Natural attraction
- White cliffs Scala dei Turchi (Turkish Stair) on Mediterranean Sea
- Beach time (on demand)


Price (private customized tour from Taormina): 
- 1-3 people - from 320 Euro

Tickets and food/beverage NOT included

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