Pearl of the Jonian Sea

If you want to taste all of Sicily in one day only ... you must visit Taormina!

Located on the East coast of Sicily, near the mount Etna, Taormina offers high class tourism, art, history and tradition. Historical heritages with the ancient Greek-Roman Theatre of III century b.C., the ruins of the small Roman Theatre, the Arabic-Norman Castle and other minor remains of different periods. Art, history and nature with breathtaking sceneries create in Taormina a special blend together with music, cultural events and traditions which offer an unique taste of Sicily and Mediterranean atmosphere. Renowned for the beauty of the bays of Isola Bella, Mazzaro', Sirens and the beach of Spisone, Taormina offers a wide choice of accommodation and outdoor activities: from luxury hotels to simple bed & breakfasts or apartments rental, excursions to the main natural and historical attractions of Sicily, boat trips, paragliding, snorkeling and diving in the clear water along the coast. Last but not least: restaurants, pastry shops, wine & music bars, discoteques ... and concerts in the magic atmosphere of the Greek-Roman Theatre.

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SICILY_Taormina_Bam-Bar_Traditional-Granita_1.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Cannoli_Typical-Sicilian-Pastry_1.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Ceramics_Kerameion_1.jpg

SICILY_Taormina_Church_San-Giuseppe_1.jpg SICILY_Taormina_City_By-Night_1.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Duomo_San-Nicolo_1.jpg

SICILY_Taormina_Duomo_San-Nicolo_2.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Duomo_San-Nicolo_3.jpg SICILY_Taormina_GreekTheatre_Opera-Exibition_by-Night.jpg

SICILY_Taormina_GreekTheatre_and-Etna_1.jpg SICILY_Taormina_GreekTheatre_and-Etna_2.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Isola-Bella_1.jpg

SICILY_Taormina_Isola-Bella_Bay_1.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Isola-Bella_Bay_2.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Isola-Bella_House_1.jpg

SICILY_Taormina_Madonna-Rocca_Chapel_1.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Main-Street_1.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Naxos-Bay_Etna_1.jpg

SICILY_Taormina_Naxos-Bay_Etna_2.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Naxos-Bay_Etna_3.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Naxos_Archaeological-Museum_1.jpg

SICILY_Taormina_Public-Garden_1.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Public-Garden_2.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Streets-and-Alleys_1.jpg

SICILY_Taormina_Streets-and-Alleys_2.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Streets-and-Alleys_3.jpg SICILY_Taormina_Train-Station_XIX-century_1.jpg



Taormina - half day excursion

The excursion in Taormina includes the visit to the main points of interest:
- City centre free walking tour (local guide available on demand)
- Belvedere terrace with view over the bay and the coast
- Madonna Rocca terrace with view over the city centre
- Isola Bella beach (option on demand)


Tickets and food/beverage NOT included


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